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Mission Statement

Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to the goals of educating people about animals as sentient beings, encouraging people to take steps to care for their fellow creatures accordingly, and providing incentives to people to donate money which is then donated to other 501(c)3 nonprofits directly engaged in promoting animal care, protection, welfare, and survival. Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. maintains a website at
The educational aspect of Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. is provided by writings and photographs of animals designed to help raise people’s awareness of animals as feeling, thinking creatures like ourselves. There is a constant invitation for people to consider that animals are sentient and capable of fear, pain, pleasure, and serenity. This then encourages people to take action on behalf of other creatures who cannot speak or fight for themselves. 
There are many suggestions of steps people can take, from simple to complex, that will protect, respect, and care for animals both wild and domestic.
In addition, a clearinghouse of animal care nonprofits will be provided with descriptions and contact information. People will be encouraged to participate in taking action to help animals by getting involved in any number of ways with any of the large number of animal care and rights organizations listed on Animals Are Sentient Beings’ website or in their local area. In the future, Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. will provide a blog as well as other ways for information to be shared, increased, and updated about nonprofit organizations, animal welfare and concerns.
The fund raising aspect of Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. will be provided by using a number of beautiful wildlife photographs as incentives for donations. These donations will then be donated directly to a variety of animal welfare groups, which are also 501(c)3 organizations. These groups currently include The Humane Society of the United States, Animals Asia, African Wildlife Foundation, World Society for the Protection of Animals, The American (and The New England) Antivivisection Society, The Center for Biological Diversity, The Humane Farming Association, Farm Sanctuary, Animal Legal Defense Fund, The Ocean Conservancy, In Defense of Animals, and The Fund for Animals. These organizations are neither connected with nor endorsed by Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. and they do not endorse Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. These groups vary in focus and are all engaged with active work for animal protection and welfare. Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. reserves the right to vary and update this list of donation beneficiaries at any time. Beneficiary decisions regarding donations are entirely up to Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc and no donor has any rights to direct where funds are contributed once they have donated money to Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc.
In the future, Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. plans to expand its incentives for donation by offering calendars, cards, and other photography related items. 
The primary purpose of Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc. is consciousness raising and education to help people understand that animals are sentient: capable of feelings and thoughts and thus of suffering and pleasure. It is our goal to help people take steps for improving animals’ lives, both locally and globally. 

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