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AASB (Animals Are Sentient Beings) is a site that teaches people animals have feelings. It also teaches people why this  is important and what they can do. 



Our Goals

1. To increase your awareness of the truth that animals are sentient creatures....and that the choices we make to respect them as such will vastly effect all our futures.

2. To provide you with ways to help animals, including links for political and social action. 
3. Share pictures, cards, and calendars)
for a small donation to a variety of animal related causes. 

This site is built on the premise that every body, every sentient creature matters. And every choice a human makes to honor that premise matters. Human beings have created a situation where their actions have a huge impact on the physical and emotional well being of all other species. Every choice makes a difference and is an act that continues, increases, or decreases animal suffering and destruction. Choices vary from small kindnesses and personal conversations, to large lifestyle commitments and social actions. We hope that what you read and see here will help you to become more aware of healthier and kinder choices and how these will make a difference to the world and each being alive in it.


Find What You Need!

What is sentience

Learn what sentience means, why it matters and why it is ignored. 

What is AASB

Learn what AASB is and what it does. 

What can you do

Learn what you can do to help animals and take action. 

These donations will then be donated
directly to a variety of animal welfare
groups, which are also 501(c)3 organizations.                 
Our Goals
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